5 Ways To Write a Book (step by step guide)

How to write a book?​

A book is given your self-confidence in your skills and interest. when you start writing a book, be confident about your topic which describes what your book is exactly all about.

The human being can feel emotions like fear, love, happiness, ups-down, every single move that can affect humans.

In school days, we read all comic books, marvel stories, and all Panchatantra stories. But nowadays we all have busy schedules and work. Simple ways to write a book are that they give us full of laughter, imagination, create our world.

Life is very challenging to take a step to move forward.
Books are very precious gifts for humans and books become best friends for a lifetime.

5 simple ways to write a book​

Create a Plan

Step 1: Create A Plan [ How’ll You Start ]​

First You need to decide how will you start to write a book.

Because It’s not simple to sit and start writing, You have to plan:

when do you start?

How many hours can you give for your book?

You need to understand and Research about your content that you’ll put into your book. So Content should be friendly with the audience/Reader.

Step 2: Decide The Cover Design​

Keep Your Book Cover attractive

Grabbing the reader’s attention, Title Creates an impression to the reader. 

Reader’s Perception they need attention towards content.

Cover attracts the reader toward content that contains the whole soul of the book. And endless interest in book reading. 

The simple way to write a book should put a soul into a book.

Before you start your book, Decide cover of the book that will be motivated to the audience to read the book. Because colors, Design, layouts attract the audience.

Cover of Book will give you the right spirit to write/read.

Step 3: Write A Book Titles​

how to write a book title

After deciding the cover of the book, we need to focus on the title. The Title should be effective, attractive, meaningful, purposeful.


And we all know that we need color in our life, we need creativity in our life.

Step 4: Write A Book Description​


The book description contains the soul of the author.

Through description, the author can pitch to the reader why should they buy a book? 

When the readers get attached to book forums, that drives the sale.

Step 5: Start Writing​

Once you have a plan, start writing.


Writing a book takes a long time. Editing on the book it takes more time. Proper words, set sentences and define all content in a manner way.

Step 6: Read and Edit ​

Once you’ve written your book, read it Once on your hand.

As you read it, you will think of additional chapters, stories or lessons to share Before publish. 

Add them in before hiring an editor and give more informative content to users to convince them to read your content.

To edit something in your content, show relevant websites, books for your reference.

Ex. Google booksPenguin random housethe guardian 

Step 7: Publish & Launch ​

Once you’ve done, DO web search for your content that can help you self publish.

Plan some events for your book to publish, organize something corporate party to launch your book.

Secret Tips to Write A Book​

1. Decide Book Theme ​


The BOOK is all about CONTENT

When you start writing the book, Decide what your book is all about, what content should put into it. It’s all about fixing content into the right place to keep connected with the reader.

2. Set Intention – Give A Count On Goal​

set a goal

After starting to write a book with such superpower content, You need to focus on your goal.

Create a goal of something that can be a masterstroke on your work, that can help your content

3. Analyze Regularly​

set time

Once you’ve started working on your work on a daily bases, 

You can improve your content a day by day, with proper words.

4. Write At Comfortable Place​


Your book needs to be favorite. and try to comfortable with your place before you start. 


How To Write a Book Faster?​


1.  WRITE DAILY:  Create unique content in your book every day that makes books Elegant.

2.  INCREASED TYPING SPEED:  Speed makes you get more creative thoughts.

3.  TRY TALK-TO-TEXT:  Words compose mind and heart. They have a meaning to understand readers.

4.  RESEARCH: Try to research more about the topic and theme.

5.  SET ROUTINE: All these above, Try to be habitual.

Some Topics Ideas About Write A Book​

#1 Write A Book Of Review​

If you are habitual with reading all types of books, so you can give proper feedback towards books.

 It gives book author to milestone review when you comment on their work. 

Write on all the books that read before and give feedback on it.

#2 Write A Book About Someone Biography​

You can write a book on the life story of real heroes who have done a lot for the country. 

They raise their voice towards the nation they gave us an independent life.

#3 Write A Book on Fiction/Non-Fiction stories.​

Fiction/Non-fiction stories are the creation of the brain. 

Fiction story has imagination towards characters which the author chose for their book. 

Non-fiction stories are real to the world and the combination of words of the author and reality

#4 Write A Book About Yourself​

 If you have the amusement of writing a book, you can also write a book on yourself. Because we can understand every emotion but we can’t say everything to everyone.

So you can secretly be sharing everything with your dairy.

 It becomes your partner and also gives you the strength to put out your emotions to everybody.

#5 One Post at a Time: Start a Blog and Write Chapters ​

Through Blogs and posts, you can share everything with clarity and can give proper content to the reader.
It also updates regular action of the world.

Software To Write E-book​

There are many E-books available to write a book online. They are affordable to use and write on it. You can also save your document and publish them.

Above all the software can use for writing a Book online and perfect with Grammar.

You can use E-book for earning money. and also you can cover the market for your book.

You can relate your book by doing external links to other websites.

some platforms are providing such texting and creative access to write a book online.

How to Write A Book On Amazon?​

Step 1: Go to https://kdp.amazon.com/ -> sign-in/sign-on​

amazon ss

Step 2: Add New Title & Enroll in KDP Select​

After Sign-in/Sign-on, You need to add a new title in KDP select and enroll in also. 

Click on “CREATE NEW TITLE” And select checkbox “enroll this book in KDP select”.

Add New Title in KDP

Step 3: Add Book Title, Subtitle & Description​

Add Your Book Name, Subtitle and Description that makes the reader aware of what they gonna read.

Title, Subtitle, description

Step 4: Enter Your Book Contributors​

Click on the “Add contributors” tab to add yourself as an author.

book contributes

Step 5: Add Author Name​

Add in the Author’s Name .

That defines your book.


Step 6: Publishing Right & Find Target Customers​

As the author, you own the Broadcasting rights to your book, click here to verify that.

publish & find customer

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