10 Amazing Cool Gadgets For Your smartphone

1.Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer w/ZINK Zero Ink Printing device.

Easy and fun to use, Polaroid Zip is a bit of auxiliary to free your photos from your smartphone.

Polaroid Zip Printer is a cheap Pocketable Wireless Photo Printer that converts your smartphone into full-color 2×3 inches print. Easy to set up and use, it does not require any users outside Polaroid zinc paper.

Easy and fun to use, Polaroid Zip is a bitof auxiliary to free your photos from your smartphone.

Prints are small and cost 25 cents each. Do not expect inkjet or die-sat printer quality, but keep in mind that the print quality is okay. Built-in rechargeable battery works well for only 25 prints.

  • pocketable wireless photo printer.
  • Simple to set up.
  • Simple and fun to use.

2.Rode VideoMic Me Directional Microphone

Rende VideoMac Me-L is similar to Original VideoMac, but it has a power connector instead of 3.5 mm jack. Hence the cause of the letter L at the end of the name of the products.

Rode-VideoMic-Me-Directional-Microphone Mobile video is coming up with the announcement of Adobe’s Project Rush and Instagram TV. There is a growing demand for smartphones such as microphones. When RØDE does not specify any more products in the series, you may want to think that they can make a version using the USB devices using the Android devices. With features to cut and replace Apple from its iPhones, it knows how much time it will bring to the power connector.
  • Plugs Directly into iOS Devices.
  • Lightning Connect & 3.5mm Headphone Out.
  • Cardioid Polar Pattern.
  • 20 Hz to 20 kHz Frequency Response

3.Universal 3-In-1 Clip-On Fisheye + Wide Angle + Macro Lens Set For Mobile Phones


Your Android phone already captures beautiful photos, but later they artificially distort the photo to add a photo of a whistle, wide-angle or macro to your photo – the smartphone can not usually shoot – quality and looks.

Instead, the use of external, universal lenses is a great way to shoot creatively with your Android phone. You just have to start linking the lens, aiming and shooting your photography masterpiece!

  • VicTsing 3-in-1 lens
  • Moment Lens
  • Photojojo Magnetic lens series
  • Aukey Ora lens
  • Camkix Universal 3-in-1 cell phone camera kit

4.Best Portable Keyboard For Easy Travel

Whether you try to work – whether it’s programming, writing or just playing the best PC games – the best keyboards will make your life easier. And, if you’re looking for the best gaming keyboards, we’ve covered you.

  • Beautiful design
  • Smooth typing action
  • media functions
  • Solid build quality

5.Squish Wireless Charge


2 in 1: Wireless charger and car-mounted as a phone mount. Power your device on the road without the need for messy cables inside your vehicle, we connect the most convenient way to mount your phone with the most convenient method of charging your phone. Its fast mounting technology allows a safe and safe fast phone mount with a 360-degree rotating cradle, which offers this wireless charger a flexible look to make a real deal.

Squish Wireless Charge

Quick and easy slide-in phone mount allows for secure hands-free experience. Put your phone inside the mount with only one hand. As you keep your phone inside, clamps fit on your phone with a secure grip on your phone. Mounting: Quick and easy slide-in phone mount allows for secure hands-free experience. Put your phone inside the mount with only one hand. As you keep your phone inside, clamps fit your phone automatically with a secure grip on your phone.

  • Fast Wireless Charging
  • Micro-USB Cable Include
  • Rotation 360°
  • Fast Charging

6.Atmotube 2.0 – Portable Air Quality Monitor

Atmotube 2.0– Portable Air Quality Monitor and Tracker The device constantly monitors the environment around or outside, measures air pollution, in which the presence of a series of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as carbon monoxide (CO) and the presence of a wide range of harmful gases is detected. Real-time measurement for people with allergy, asthma and other lung disease is also useful for children and elderly parents. High-quality sensors, including unique multi-gas sensors with ultra-low power consumption, high sensitivity and faster heat times.

Indoor air quality is usually monitored, however, people of developed countries spend about 90% of their time. The automobile was designed to increase awareness about indoor and outdoor air quality, so you can make the right choices and stay healthy.


High-quality sensors, including unique multi-gas sensors with ultra-low power consumption, high sensitivity and faster heat times. Enhanced algorithms enable support for gas discrimination, temperature and humidity compensation, and self-calibration. To represent the CO2 level in the real world environment, it can be used as a CO2 equivalent sensor, where VOC’s main cause is from humans. Every day, we inadvertently breathe more than 20,000. Until we have any problems, we do not think about breathing and what is in the air affects our body.

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  • Atmotube was created to raise awareness about both indoor and outdoor air quality
  • The sensors inside Atmotube monitor the air around you and alert you when your environment is not safe
  • Air quality significantly affects our lives

7.Gate Labs Camera Smart Lock, Satin Nickel


Some smart-lock add-ons, like Augusta, offer cameras and microphones, but you have to buy those accessories separately; Meanwhile, doors like rings have cameras but do not allow for an electronic key or remote activation. Get Smart Lock, on the other hand, packs everything in one device.

This sends an instruction to your phone and enables 720P color camera. You can talk through the app to remotely unlock the door for her. Question resolved.

With smart door locks and deadbolt, you can allow anyone in your home to make debt to anyone with an internet connection, but how much can you confirm the identity of the person entering?


Gate is a WiFi-connected deadbolt with video calling and a motion-activated security camera. Say your child is catchy but forgot their keys at school. Rather than parking her keyster on the next step to wait for going home, she’ll have to press the call button on the gate.

  • Built-in camera. Two-way audio.
  • Keyed and keyless operation.
  • Extremely quiet. Easy to install.

8.QooCam First-Ever Interchangeable 4K 360 & 3D VR 180 Camera


QooCam is the world’s first 4 camera that connects the most innovative features of 360 ° and 3D stereo filming technology. Thanks to its exclusive 3 lenses, IMU stabilizer and cutting angle guide made tech, QAM includes shake-free, then shooting refocus, 120 fps and time-lapse capabilities.

If you are a professional or just starting out, no problem, you can free and edit all your moments like Pro with QooCam’s Master Editor App.


4k or 360 video QooCam is designed to record 4 or video with a full 360 ° range. Thanks to its 4th or full sensor reading, you can record memorable moments in great detail and create high quality 360 videos on the go.
【3D VR 180 photos and videos】 Repeat your moments like you were with the180-degree w angle again with its sleek 3D 4K videos. Capture and review your moments like how you actually felt them for the first time.

9.Waterlily Turbine Charger

Without Sunlight – Waterlily MicroTurbine is an innovative way to charge electric devices from the grid. When Solar is an efficient form of energy, this device allows you to navigate, chat, or shoot footage through any season during the night.

Waterloo is a dual functioning device that uses wind or water to recharge your smartphone or go – so you do not have to stop what you have to do in the backcountry. It’s perfect for campers, hikers, pedals, cyclists, and anyone outside the grid. This handheld device is designed to be used by constructive durability, to move water or to put the wind in anger.

waterlily turbine charger

All charge all USB devices; Smart Phones, Battery Banks, Cameras, Tablets, GPS and More. The Water Waterline turbine is designed to charge your devices for 24 hours in a row.Water As water and wind turbines depend on natural resources such as wind or water, users are not forced to wait on ideal conditions to charge their devices.Wind If the wind or water is not available, users can still charge our alternative hand crank.

  • Batteries  1 Lithium ion batteries required.
  • this  Gadget For Your Smartphone
  • This is very Unique Gadget.

10.Rocketbook Everlast Mini Smart Reusable Notebook


It’s a pocket-sized irreazable and reusable notebook, while the RocketBook app binds to you, it enables you to scan your favorite pages and upload your notes pages.

RocketBook is a clever part of the evergate mini notebook design that addresses many problems for old school pens and royal note takers. Durable erasable pages can be used frequently. The app, when it’s easy, is well integrated with the notebook and has a nice utility. If you want to test yourself, it offers a really cool starting price. Consider your intended use as to whether it will work for you.

In these days, I have been accustomed to do many things digitally. I digitally use all my news, I keep a note on my phone digitally, and I will write a few drawings digitally from time to time. However, at times even where I enjoy using a good old fashioned pen and paper to instantly make notes and doodles.

The problem with this is that sometimes you want to keep what you have wandered on paper and you stop losing paper or you get it out of an accident

  • Endlessly erasable format saves paper (and collecting old notebooks)
  • Quick, easy ability to send your notes to multiple destinations
  • Durable design
  • Seamless integration with the Rocketbook app

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